Clear up that type
ClearType is an effect that smooths the text fonts on a flat screen monitor. If enable at a high resolution on a CRT monitor, it will make things difficult to read. (or click here for tutor)
  • Click Start | Control Panel
  • Click the Appearance And Themes tab
  • Click the Display icon | Appearance tab | Effects button
  • Check the box labeled Use The Following Method To Smooth Edges Of
     Screen Fonts and select ClearType
  • Click OK.

Clean up your cach files
To clear your cache in Internet Explorer:
  • Click the Tools menu, then click Internet Options.
  • Select the General tab, then click Delete Files in the Temporary nternet files section.
  • In the Delete Files dialog box that appears, select Delete all offline content
  • then click OK.

Calibrate your screen
monitor calibration
For optimum viewing adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see 11 distinct shades.

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